Customers, investors, employees and the public demand that companies take responsibility. CSR therefore means competitive advantage and future viability.

VERSO helps you define your sustainability strategy, implementing it company-wide and manage it on a single platform.

Why Corporate Social Responsibility?

  • CSR helps to balance the existing tensions between investors, customers, the public and employees
  • Companies that pursue a sustainability strategy are more innovative and often save costs
  • Investors increasingly focus on sustainable companies and funds
  • Customers, partners and the public demand transparency about the social and ecological contribution of companies
  • Sustainable companies have a purpose, this is how they find and retain top talent
  • Customers pay higher prices for sustainable products

CSR reporting obligations for companies.

Who has to report on what and how to prepare your sustainability report can be found in our factsheet which you can download here

EU law requires large companies to disclose certain information on the way they operate and manage social and environmental challenges. Directive 2014/95/EU lays down the rules on disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by large companies. This directive amends the accounting directive 2013/34/EU. Companies are required to include non-financial statements in their annual reports from 2018 onwards. This covers approximately 6,000 large companies and groups across the EU, including listed companies, banks, insurance companies and other companies designated by national authorities as public-interest entities that meet the following criteria.

VERSO Factsheet

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How can VERSO's software help my business?

Here are six good reasons to use VERSO in your company.
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    With VERSO you are always ready to talk about relevant topics and figures that the public, investors or customers demand
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    VERSO shows you what your stakeholders are really interested in and makes a materiality analysis for you with Big Data Analytics
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    Saves up to 90% of your non-financial reporting costs according to SDG, UNGC, CSR reporting line or GRI integrated guidelines, smart processes and automated communication
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    Mapping all procurement data with suppliers – whether you are a supplier yourself and must meet your customers’ procurement criteria, or whether you specify the criteria
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    Breaks up silos in the company by allowing all departments to work together on one platform
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    Supported by automated templates for fast internal and external communication

Use cases where VERSO helps:

We have developed solutions for particularly important use cases that have a direct impact on the success of your company. All this in close and trusting cooperation with our long-standing customers:

Materiality & Impact

Among other things, investors are increasingly weighting sustainability performance (MITSloan Management Review, BCG) and are demanding it.


Serve individual stakeholder interests with targeted information, strengthening the brand(s) and preventing reputational risks.


Manage, develop, and keep track of the current and future CSR strategy.

Internal information needs

Departments such as Sales, Marketing and Procurement are increasingly confronted with CSR issues.

Supply chain

Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, larger and confusing. Large amounts of data need to be handled clearly.


The CSR Reporting Directive requires 6,000+ companies to publish a non-financial statement. SDGs, UNGC, DNG and GRI are further important guidelines for comprehensive reporting.

Would you also like to make your CSR management simple and successful with VERSO?

Test VERSO now for 30 days free of charge or see how other companies work with VERSO.

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