AI-supported materiality analysis

Getting double materiality done with AI

Sustainability is complex to implement – reporting shouldn’t be. With our market-leading AI solution, you can save yourself the bureaucratic effort of a double materiality analysis!

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Doppelte Wesentlichkeitsanalyse mit der KI von VERSO

What is double materiality?

The CSRD has been in force since 2024 and obliges numerous companies to report on sustainability. The ESRS, the framework of the CSRD, lists over 1,000 possible data points for the report. However, a sustainability aspect of the ESRS is only reportable if the associated impacts, risks or opportunities (IROs) are considered material for your company.

This is precisely what you determine in the double materiality analysis from two perspectives: Inside-out (How does your company impact stakeholders, the environment and society?) and Outside-in (How do sustainability aspects influence your business activities?). The double materiality analysis thus forms the basis for your CSRD compliance and creates meaningful, comparable ESG reports.

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Rise to the challenge

Let’s tell it like it is: the double materiality analysis is a real challenge. Even for experienced consultants, determining and weighting all the sustainability aspects can take several weeks. SMEs in particular are often unable to cope with this. What’s more:

  • Know-how and best practices are (still) lacking, as CSRD is new
  • It is not yet clear what an audit-proof CSRD report should look like
  • Additional costs are incurred if external consultants are commissioned due to a lack of inhouse employees’ time
  • Data collection and reporting distract from what it should actually be about: Leading the company into a sustainable future

With VERSO’s AI-supported dual materiality analysis, you can rise to this challenge!

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AI-supported materiality analysis with the industry pioneer

As a sustainabilitysoftware pioneer, VERSO has been supporting SMEs in their sustainable transformation since 2010. So it goes without saying that we also have your back when it comes to CSRD reportingSave time, money and nerves with the market-leading AI solution for double materiality.

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All to-dos in one place

Our AI module covers all requirements, from impact assessment and financial assessment to the evaluation of your material topics. We challenge the results in the optional management workshop.

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Time and cost savings

Use AI to decide faster and more accurately which of the more than 1,000 possible reporting data points are actually material. Complete your materiality analysis with up to 80% time savings and up to 70% cost savings.

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All from a single source

Comprehensive solution instead of isolated tools: VERSO is your holistic cockpit for sustainability management and ESG compliance. Seamlessly continue your reporting obligations with the results of the double materiality analysis.

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Market-leading quality

Our AI module draws on 60,000 benchmark data and over 500 materiality analyses of all sectors and on concentrated knowledge from over 14 years of ESG management. Initial independent statements confirm the market-leading quality.

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Personal service

Book additional services such as stakeholder analyses, gap audits or assistance with the audit on request. We support you at every step of the materiality analysis and CSRD-compliant reporting process.

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We guide you through sustainability. And through CSRD.

Are reporting obligations increasingly turning you into a desk jockey? With a comprehensive, AI-based platform, VERSO gives you the freedom to focus on the actual work of sustainable transformation. And don’t worry: we will retain our human touch despite AI. Our experienced consultants are always on hand with help and advice.

So, when do we start?

Book your demo now!

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See for yourself in a non-binding demo how easy it is to conduct a double materiality analysis with the AI solution and support from our consultants.