CSRD to LkSG: with VERSO you meet all requirements

Sustainability topics at a glance

Are laws and regulations such as the CSRD, the SFDR or the Supply Chain Act now also an issue in your company? Here you will find an overview of what you need to consider and how VERSO can support you.

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Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) obliges almost 15,000 companies in Germany to produce comparable sustainability reports. Get an overview of the regulatory requirements and receive tips on how to approach the topic of CSRD in your company.

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Supply Chain Act

Does your company fulfill social and environmental due diligence obligations along the supply chain? Risk analysis and risk management in the supply chain will become mandatory with the LkSG. VERSO supports affected companies in the implementation.

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Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

The SFDR is a powerful lever of the European Green Deal, which will boost sustainability efforts with new obligations for the financial market. Get an overview and find out how VERSO, together with the Silvester Group, can advise and support you in implementing the SFDR.

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Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive

As a tightening of the German LkSG, the CSDD ensures at EU level that social and ecological standards are observed in the supply chains of all European companies. Read on to find out what this means for your company and how VERSO can support you with legally compliant implementation.

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EU taxonomy

The classification system for sustainability

Climate neutrality by 2050: this can only be achieved if companies do not use false claims to cloak themselves in green. The EU taxonomy sets out clear definitions for sustainability terms and thus creates the basis for CSRD and SFDR. Find out which tasks result from this.

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