ESG Software


  • CSRD Compliance
  • all sustainability data in one place
  • sustainability report – quick and easy
  • plan and execute your sustainability strategy
  • optional consulting and services



Supply Chain

  • LkSG compliance
  • full supply chain transparency 
  • manage thousands of suppliers
  • risk analysis at the touch of a button
  • optional consulting and services


  • calculate climate footprint of your business
  • develop climate strategy
  • collaboration to reach your climate goals
  • holistic approach of climate protection and ESG
  • optional consulting and services

How VERSO drives your company success


CSRD & LkSG Compliance

Achieve compliance with the new EU directives (CSRD, CSDDD, CBAM) and the German supply chain act (LkSG) – quickly and efficiently.

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Find and retain talent

Boost employee retention by showing the important contributions of your business to society and ensuring them that your business is future-proof. 


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Understanding sustainability

We share over 13 years of our experience in sustainability management with you and help you find a path to sustainability that creates value.

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Save time and costs

Our established software greatly reduces time and expenses tied to sustainability and climate management, and helps reduce costly supply chain risks.

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