Supply chain resilience, due diligence and risk management with VERSO

Resilient supply chains through sustainability and transparency

Creating a sustainable and secure supply chain requires new ways of sourcing materials sustainably – and clear measures to reduce ESG-related risks. The basic prerequisite is transparency among our own suppliers and upstream supply chains.

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Reducing dependence on raw materials and geopolitical crises

Supply chain resilience is vital in times of limited and volatile raw material availability and geopolitical crises.

Companies in various industries are increasingly confronted with the challenges of globally networked supply chains, whose highly fragmented nature makes them susceptible to operational risks as soon as disruptions occur. Industries and countries play a decisive role in assessing the risks in the supplier base.

These risks can only be managed with increased transparency with regard to supplier locations, raw material sources and suitable measures.

With the VERSO Supply Chain Platform, you can identify risks in good time and quickly develop joint solutions.

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Recognizing risks in the upstream supply chain

The VERSO Supply Chain Hub offers you extended visibility beyond your direct suppliers – allowing you to effectively identify risks in the upstream supply chain.

Receive comprehensive information

Check your suppliers for ESG risks and entries in sanctions lists, create transparency about the ownership structure and request comprehensive information from your direct suppliers about their own suppliers in order to identify upstream supply chain risks. This can include production sites, raw material sources, working conditions and environmental impact.

Penetrating the supply chain structure

Gain a deeper understanding of the entire structure of your supply chain. This enables you to communicate requirements and risk mitigation measures more efficiently and identify potential risk areas.

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Proactive management for secure supply chains

A proactive approach to supply chain and risk management benefits your company in many ways:

  • Strengthens the company’s resilience
  • Ensures the sustainability and reputation of the supply chain
  • Simplifies the verification of (new) suppliers
  • Benefits the development of existing suppliers

With the VERSO Supply Chain Hub, you can automatically and AI-supported analyze which suppliers in your supplier base are potentially risky.

Finally understand what is happening in your supply chain

Supply chain regulation: not a problem, but an opportunity!

Do you see legal requirements such as the LkSG, CSRD and CSDDD as a hurdle? Or as the valuable opportunity it is for the future viability of your supply chains and your entire company?

More transparency in the supply chain

Integrating due diligence into supply chain processes promotes the exchange of information and significantly increases transparency within your supply chain. Legally binding risk analyses give your company a better understanding of all existing dependencies in the supply chain. You can also identify specific risks more precisely.

Meeting increasing requirements

By addressing ESG risks and due diligence obligations with suppliers and automatically recording relevant sustainability data in our supply chain platform, you not only meet the legal requirements. At the same time, you meet the increasing demands of customers and investors and can expand your own sustainability management system holistically.

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