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First sustainability report for PCG

Thanks to the collaboration with VERSO, PCG received a high-quality sustainability report that will form the basis for further efforts in the area of sustainability.

Public Cloud Group GmbH

The Public Cloud Group (PCG) supports companies in their digital transformation through the use of public cloud solutions.

With a portfolio designed to accompany companies of all sizes on their cloud journey and the expertise of numerous certified experts with whom customers and partners enjoy working, PCG is positioning itself as a reliable and trustworthy partner for hyperscalers.

As an experienced partner of the three relevant hyperscalers (Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Cloud), PCG holds the highest awards from the respective providers and advises its customers independently on their cloud journey.

The group was originally formed from the cloud service providers Cloudwürdig GmbH, Innovations ON GmbH, DI-ON.solutions GmbH, Miracle Mill AG, SWITCOM GmbH and LNW-Soft GmbH and thus bundles the expertise of more than 400 employees.

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The challenge at PCG

The Public Cloud Group (PCG) was founded in July 2021 and emerged from several companies. When the company was founded, it was already clear to all those responsible that the cloud service provider wanted to firmly anchor the topic of sustainability in its company. PCG’s aim is not only to create added value for its customers with its public cloud solutions, but also to assume social and ecological responsibility and thus achieve added value for its employees, the environment and society. The position of Head of Sustainability has been placed directly on the Management Board in order to manage and take responsibility for sustainability at the highest level.

However, the PCG had little prior knowledge of sustainability. No employee had previously prepared a sustainability report. There was not yet a sustainability strategy or suitable structures and processes in place to make data collection efficient. However, as the first report had to be of a high quality, the PCG enlisted the support of VERSO, which has professional sustainability software and the necessary expertise.


The solution

PCG outsourced almost all of its reporting to VERSO. All relevant data was collected in the VERSO software. Our sustainability experts supported the entire process, prepared a carbon footprint with Scopes 1 and 2 in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol and wrote the report content. However, VERSO not only provided software and advice, but was also a sustainability knowledge enabler with the VERSO Academy and, with its experts, helped to build up ESG knowledge among customers in a targeted manner.

The first PCG report was specifically concerned with determining the status quo of sustainability in the company. The Public Cloud Group chose the German Sustainability Code (DNK) as its framework, which is well suited to SMEs and sets out minimum requirements and a clear structure. The reporting went hand in hand. The PCG compiled the relevant data from the various departments. VERSO’s sustainability experts examined the information for completeness and plausibility and gave tips on how to fill the gaps. New processes and a timeframe for their implementation were developed for sections where no statements were actually possible due to a lack of data. The finished sustainability report was published as a separate website and as a pdf – each in the corporate design.

In addition to the first report, VERSO supports PCG in its further development in the area of sustainability. A materiality analysis is carried out to define relevant topics, objectives, measures and KPIs. The aim is to develop a sustainability strategy to systematically address the issue within the company. Structures and processes are also being implemented and optimized in order to further expand the database.

Mockup: Erster Nachhaltigkeitsbericht für die PCG
Mockup: Erster Nachhaltigkeitsbericht für die PCG
Mockup: Erster Nachhaltigkeitsbericht für die PCG
Mockup: Erster Nachhaltigkeitsbericht für die PCG

    The result

    Thanks to the collaboration with VERSO, PCG received a high-quality sustainability report that will form the basis for further efforts in the area of sustainability. The VERSO software and the support of our sustainability experts ensured a high level of effectiveness and efficiency. The PCG was able to complete the reporting process faster, easier and with less effort. The VERSO Academy also provided additional knowledge building. As a result, the Head of Sustainability at PCG invested just 40 hours in preparing the report. It was able to use the time gained to implement measures or address new issues such as the inclusion of Scope 3 in the carbon footprint.

    The VERSO software is intuitive and user-friendly, which allowed the PCG to work directly with it. Integrated guidelines support data collection and, together with our sustainability experts, ensure that no incorrect data is collected. The know-how acquired, as well as the new processes and structures, will massively accelerate and simplify future reporting and overall sustainability management. Building on the first report, the PCG will tackle further measures with VERSO: Key topics will be identified, clear goals and measures defined and all of this will be incorporated into a sustainability strategy.

    The report is not only intended for external communication, but has also been made available to all employees. There was praise above all for the central positioning of sustainability in the company and the honesty and transparency of the reporting. The report has helped to further strengthen employee commitment and loyalty.


    Advantages in brief

    • Preparation of report and carbon footprint outsourced
    • High effectiveness and efficiency
    • only 40 hours of work
    • More capacity for implementing measures
    • Clear data collection in the VERSO software
    • Checking the data for completeness and plausibility
    • Motivation boost for employees
    • Knowledge building in the 12-week program of the VERSO Academy
    Foto Alina Schneider von Public Cloud Group

    Sustainability is an essential principle of our corporate philosophy. VERSO provides us with the optimal platform to efficiently organize our reporting and serves as a cockpit for our sustainability management. Thanks to the expertise and support, we have also adapted our processes to establish sustainability as an integral part of our corporate strategy.

    Alina Schneider
    Head of Marketing & Sustainability at Public Cloud Group