Bundled expertise for the twin transformation of SMEs

ESG software pioneer VERSO enters into partnership with IT service provider Materna

Munich/Dortmund. Climate change, social expectations, competitive advantages and regulatory requirements – for these and many other reasons, the topic of sustainability is on the agenda of almost all companies. ESG software pioneer VERSO from Munich and Dortmund-based IT service provider Materna are entering into a partnership to support SMEs in setting up and implementing sustainability management and, ultimately, sustainable and digital transformation in equal measure.

From left: Andreas Maslo (Co-Founder and CEO, VERSO), Matthis Berghoff (Digital Strategy Consultant, Materna), Alexander Penitsch (COO, VERSO), Dinah Erdmann (Vice President Digital Strategy Consulting, Materna), Nuvia Maslo (CCO, VERSO), Martin Wibbe (CEO, Materna).

Not in the picture: Florian Holl (Co-Founder and CEO, VERSO)


“Together with strong IT partners, we are creating the twin transformation of SMEs: our mission is the sustainable transformation of the economy. The core expertise of IT service providers, on the other hand, is digital transformation. The two mega-transformation topics of our time are inextricably linked. Partnerships between digitalization partners and VERSO as an ESG software pioneer therefore logically result in huge synergies for SMEs,” says Andreas Maslo, Co-Founder and CEO of VERSO.


Twin transformation of SMEs: Digital and sustainable transformation solved holistically with IT partners and VERSO

VERSO has been offering its SME customers software and services for holistic sustainability management for over ten years. The software serves as a cockpit for all CSR/ESG tasks. VERSO saves time and money by creating an audit-proof sustainability report or a carbon footprint, among other things. VERSO’s consulting services cover all sustainability challenges for medium-sized companies.

Materna, a leading provider of IT services and solutions that has been established for decades, is adding the software and services of the Munich-based ESG pioneer to its product portfolio and supplementing its offering with additional services. The two companies work hand in hand with their jointly developed offering and pursue one goal: Materna’s change and IT expertise is bundled with VERSO smart’s sustainability expertise in order to provide customers with holistic support.


Creating value based on shared values: Materna and VERSO

“The fundamental principle of sustainability is one of our most important corporate values and is firmly anchored in Materna’s DNA – ecologically, economically and socially. VERSO has a very strong reputation in this area and is therefore the right partner for us to optimally support our customers on the path to sustainability and resilience,” says Martin Wibbe, CEO of Materna.

“With our joint offering, we enable companies to build an effective sustainability management system based on their existing IT and data situation and to achieve their sustainability goals in line with their corporate objectives,” says Dinah Erdmann, Vice President Digital Strategy Consulting at Materna.

“We are delighted that our first official partner in this segment is the value-oriented and innovative family business Materna,” says VERSO CEO Andreas Maslo.


CSRD regulation obliges over 15,000 companies in Germany to publish a sustainability report

The demand for CSR/ESG software has exploded in the past two years. The CSRD, the new EU directive on sustainability reporting, will provide a further boost, as around 15,000 companies in Germany alone will be required to report. This includes almost all companies with 250 employees or more, as well as other groups.

VERSO takes a holistic approach to supporting organizations in this challenge and enabling them to remain competitive in the long term. As a result, sustainable practices are integrated into all areas of the company and into the corporate strategy instead of being treated as unrelated measures. The VERSO SaaS solution provides the cockpit for all core ESG processes, in particular for the preparation of the sustainability report.



With its software (SaaS) solution and services for sustainability management, VERSO provides SMEs with holistic support for their sustainable transformation. Consulting and training in CSR reporting, management and climate accounting make VERSO a comprehensive partner for corporate sustainability and ESG.

Sustainability managers professionalize and digitalize their CSR management with VERSO or bring even more efficiency to their existing processes, especially CSR reporting. VERSO also supports them on their way to becoming a climate-neutral company.

VERSO was founded in 2010 by Andreas Maslo and Florian Holl in southern Germany. VERSO GmbH, based in Munich, is managed by the two founders together with Nuvia Maslo and Alexander Penitsch


About Materna

The Materna Group implements sustainable IT and digitalization projects for customers from corporations, SMEs and public authorities. Materna generates sales of 433 million euros (2021) with more than 3,500 employees worldwide. Know-how and expertise are bundled along nine focus areas. Materna has been a market leader in the focus areas of Digital Administration, Enterprise Service Management and Passenger Journey for many years. With a focus on SAP transformation, Journey2Cloud™ and cyber security, Materna offers solutions for the most pressing challenges currently facing almost all industries. In the focus areas of Digital Experience, Sustainability & Resilience and Data Economy, Materna offers solutions that enable customers to position themselves sustainably and generate added value in the long term.


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