Verso GO

Communicate your responsible actions

Easy-to-understand online sustainability consultant, helps you harness the quiet knowledge and good actions inside your company and turn them into a competitive advantage. Verso GO makes it easier to understand sustainability by asking the right questions and helping you answer them with guidance and peer examples. With Verso GO you can build your own sustainability profile and use it to spread the word on all the good things your company and your employees do, every day. Sharing things to social media and other channels is as easy as pie. We are piloting the service already and are eager to tell you more, contact us to learn more!

  • 30 key sustainability topics
  • 2 user accounts
  • easiest way to start sustainability communication


Manage & communicate responsible actions

Verso GROWTH is a trailblazing solution that helps you figure out where to start, what topics to tackle and why, how to measure performance and to communicate easily and dynamically to any audience.  

  • 60 key topics in sustainability
  • 5+ user accounts
  • working and public versions for content


Lead, manage, report and communicate responsible actions

Online digital CR consultant, collaborative management tool and communications interface – all brought together for the first time in one easy-to-use environment that sits in the Cloud.

Whether you are just getting started or you are already on the CR journey, Verso PRO simply makes management of CR easier and more efficient.

It is a trailblazing solution that helps you figure out where to start, what topics to tackle and why, how to measure performance, what peers are doing and saying and to report easily and dynamically to any audience.

It makes light work of internal collaboration, information collection, performance monitoring, and most of all, reporting.

  • 120+ key sustainability topics
  • 10+ user accounts
  • Task module


Complete tailored sustainability and responsibility solution

Verso ENTERPRISE includes everything that PRO offers and plenty more. It is easily customizable and has the required features for comprehensive sustainability leadership, management and communication. Larger teams can work efficiently, monitor progress and follow all related targets. Customizable dashboards can be built for monitoring KPIs and progress on specific targets. Contact us and we’ll figure out the best way Verso ENTERPRISE can support your organization’s sustainability programs.

  • Customizable platform
  • Metric calculations & normalisation
  • Summary Metrics
  • Customizable client specific guidance
  • Targets
  • Projects


Enable interaction and engagement in responsible actions

Good quality stakeholder engagement is a strategic asset – that is widely accepted and well understood. Our mission is to enable collaboration between responsible companies and individuals and FORUM is our first offer in this space. FORUM offers you an easy to use, dynamic and cost effective solution for sharing good practices, generating new ideas and solving tough challenges – together. It can be used together with your other Verso products or as a standalone tool.