Sustainability becomes visible at the Kotipizza Group


Sustainability becomes visible at the Kotipizza Group

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With nearly 270 franchise restaurants in Finland, Kotipizza is the largest pizza chain in the Nordic countries. Its success is based on carefully selected ingredients, traditional pizza baking, an understanding of what customers want and customer service.

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    The central CSR challenges

    Entrepreneurial responsibility has been part of our business from the very beginning. Kotipizza wants to be Finland’s most responsible restaurant chain and is committed to making the pizza world a little better for pizza. Currently, the company is focusing on systematising how they can capture and measure the impact of their actions. It is also important to them that their franchisees understand the value of sustainability for their business and are willing to communicate their own actions locally in society.

    Tommi-Tervanen KotiPizza
    Tommi Tervanen – CEO

    One of the main reasons why we chose VERSO is that it helps us to make sustainability visible within the company and to the outside world – as part of our daily work. As we evolve and grow, VERSO can be used directly by our franchisees for new restaurants.

    Weitere Case Studies

    How companies make sustainability visible, save costs and time in CSR reporting and communicate sustainability can be found in our references.
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    Sustainability reporting at ENTEGA AG
    22. April 2020
    Sustainability becomes visible at the Kotipizza Group

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