Sustainability in the textile industry: All CSR information in one place with VERSO


Sustainability in the textile industry: All CSR information in one place with VERSO

erlich textil

erlich textil is a Cologne-based label for sustainably produced, timelessly designed and high-quality eco-fashion for women, men and children as well as sustainable textiles and other articles for the home. The eco-label produces exclusively in Europe and positions itself against fast fashion. Thus, it focuses on high processing and fabric quality in combination with timeless design that does not follow short-term fashion trends.

“Lingerie & basics that simply feel better – in every respect” is the mission of erlich textile.

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    What does sustainability mean for erlich textile? Why is CSR communication important for erlich textile?

    erlich textil was founded with the aim of creating a real, sustainable alternative in the underwear market, accessible and affordable to as many people as possible, in order to actively shape and drive change in the garment industry.

    Fast fashion, over-consumption, fast-moving collection changes – all this is affecting our planet and pushing it to the limits of its capacity. Just think that the textile industry is responsible for around one billion tons of CO2 emissions per year! Added to this are inhumane working conditions, opaque supply chains, extremely high use of chemicals in production, long transport routes, etc. The list of abuses is long.

    Our aim is therefore to question things and then do them better. We are far from being perfect, but we have made it our mission from the very beginning to draw the issue of sustainability like a green thread through all our divisions: Starting with the selection of resource-conserving materials, through socially responsible production in Europe and the associated short transport distances, to an environmentally and climate-friendly packaging concept. Our products are detached from short-term seasonal trends and form the basis for a modern and durable wardrobe.

    In order to communicate credibly about our social and ecological responsibility, transparency is extremely important. Because from our point of view, transparency creates trust. On the one hand, of course, the more you reveal, the more vulnerable you make yourself. But we always find that this authenticity and openness is extremely good for the relationship with our customers.

    What was the initial situation regarding sustainability communication at erlich textile? Which central challenges did erlich textile experience in sustainability communication?

    From the very beginning, our ambition was to make things public. That’s why we started early on to provide relevant information on our website and in social media.

    As time went by, this information became more and more: new producers and materials were added, we got involved in various social projects and so on.

    The knowledge automatically accumulated in various places and we lacked a central person and platform to collect, structure and maintain all this information in a meaningful way.

    Which solution approaches has helich textile chosen to make his sustainability transparent for stakeholders?

    We have thought about filling a position with a CSR Manager who can take care of all our CSR issues. CSR is much more than a communication or marketing tool. It is much more about setting up processes internally in a clean way and always with sustainability in mind. VERSO is extremely helpful as a central hub.

    Communication about what we do is ultimately the icing on the cake. So far, we have used our social channels and website for this purpose. Our goal is – even though we are not subject to the obligation to provide information – to publish a CSR report on a regular basis to report in detail about our corporate responsibility.

    Katharina Henning Bild

    Katharina Henning

    CSR Manager at erlich textil

    “With VERSO, we are able for the first time to overview and process all our CSR topics in one place. In addition, it helps us to create an awareness in the team for the entire topic and to be able to provide information quickly to all departments.”

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