Sustainability start-up VERSO wins PRIMEPULSE as investor for further growth

Sustainability start-up VERSO wins PRIMEPULSE as investor for further growth

Press Release

Munich. The sustainability start-up VERSO has won the technology-oriented PRIMEPULSE Group as an investor. VERSO supports companies in digitally mapping their sustainability strategy, including all supply chain data, and thus securing their long-term success.

Sustainable companies not only secure their future viability, they can also demand higher prices today, increase their sales, get and retain the best employees and are increasingly in demand with investors.  In addition, the pressure from customers, the public and employees on companies to play an active role in major global challenges such as climate change or social injustice is increasing.

VERSO supports its business customers with its cloud-based software to map sustainability data, such as complex supply chains, key figures or a materiality analysis company-wide.  This enables companies to digitally define their sustainability strategy, check its progress at any time and make selected data available for communication to various stakeholders in the shortest possible time.

With VERSO, global corporations as well as medium-sized companies create targeted transparency for key corporate divisions and external stakeholders.  The latter are, for example, customers of international brands whose purchasing decisions depend largely on whether the supplying company can meet their purchasing criteria.

However, reports on the company’s social influence demanded by the government (according to the EU Directive, Global Reporting Initiative GRI or UN Global Compact) can also be created at the push of a button and even published online.  Depending on company size, this function also saves sustainability officers up to 90% of the time they previously spent with spreadsheet programs.

“Digitization and sustainability or CSR are the two megatopics of our and future generations.  The idea of sustainability and a strong entrepreneurial focus on success are no longer mutually exclusive, but – on the contrary – cannot be achieved separately in the long term.  I am therefore very pleased to welcome VERSO, another future-oriented and innovative young digital company, to the PRIMEPULSE network”, says Klaus Weinmann, CEO of PRIMEPULSE.

“With PRIMEPULSE, we now have a strong growth partner at our side who represents the same corporate values and who, like us, is shaped by a strong digital DNA. Klaus Weinmann and PRIMEPULSE can look back on more than 25 years of extraordinary entrepreneurship and the unbelievable growth stories associated with it. We are very pleased to benefit from this wealth of experience and to be able to accelerate the further development of our cloud solution with the additional capital. The participation of PRIMEPULSE optimally contributes to our mission to make companies more sustainable and future-proof”, says VERSO founder and CEO Andreas Maslo.


PRIMEPULSE SE is a dynamically growing, technology-oriented holding company based in Munich. The group of companies has an annual turnover of 800 million euros and employs 4,300 people worldwide. PRIMEPULSE pursues a long-term, value-oriented investment approach and sees itself as a strategic partner of its group companies, actively supporting them in their growth ambitions.

About VERSO GmbH

VERSO GmbH was founded in 2010 by Florian Holl and Andreas Maslo. VERSO offers companies integrated consulting with a trend-setting SaaS solution, which was developed exactly for this purpose: CSR management and communication as well as the development and implementation of sustainability strategies from SMEs to global corporations. VERSO currently operates in Germany, Finland, Austria and the USA.