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With nearly 270 franchised restaurants in Finland, Kotipizza is the biggest pizza chain in the Nordic countries. Our success is based on carefully selected ingredients, traditional pizza making, great customer service, and understanding what our customers want.

Corporate responsibility has been part of our business from our early days. We want to be the most responsible restaurant chain in Finland, and we are committed to making the world a better place one pizza at a time. Our current focus is on systematising how we measure and monitor the impact of our actions. It is also important that our franchisees understand the value sustainability brings to their business, and that they are redy to communicate their own actions locally.

"One of the key reasons we chose Verso PRO was that it helps us to make sustainability visible both internally and externally - a part of our everyday work. Going forward, the Verso Pro can also be used directly by our franchisees in their work on the local level."

Tommi Tervanen
Kotipizza Group Plc