Start-Up Fever: From the idea to your own company

A first excerpt from the article:

"What are we really drinking here?" was the question the founders of the start-up Verso asked themselves when they sipped coffee from a paper cup on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii in 2007 and developed the business idea for their company today.

What is sustainability?

Information about sustainability was still rare at the time and was hard to come by when companies asked for it. To change this, they founded a software company for sustainability management in 2010. Verso now consists of an 18-person team and has around 30 customers in 4 countries. But the road was not always easy and so there were some challenges to overcome. One of the biggest challenges was founder Andreas Maslo's first attempt to explain the term sustainability. Sustainability management, also known as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), is often simply associated with environmental protection and good humankind...

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